"Disney Wish" Disney Cruise Line’s Newest Ship
December 30, 2020
Disney recently unveiled the first look of its next cruise, Disney Wish, which is scheduled to set sail in 2022. The upcoming ship is the first of the three new ships to be added to the Disney Cruise Line through 2025.
The company released a short video on its YouTube channel to give the viewers some insight into the ship’s interiors. https://bit.ly/2X2qYLb
The boat is inspired by the beauty of a fairytale castle and the Grand Hall will include a large statue of Cinderella.
For the Disney Wish, the ship’s stern will feature Rapunzel. Spirited, smart, curious and above all, adventurous, Rapunzel embodies the wish and desire to see and experience the world.
There couldn’t be a better name for the incredible new ship because making wishes come true is at the heart of the Disney. 
Each Disney Cruise Line ship is unique, with a name that embodies the excitement of sailing with Disney and the power of their stories.